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Artificial Grass Lawns | Snythetic Grass Lawns

Artificial lawns provide beautiful, cost effect, environmentally friendly ways to landscape your home! The right synthetic lawn solution for your project can depend upon several things. There are several factors to consider when deciding upon the intended look, feel, form, function, and durability of your finished artificial lawn project. When selecting artificial lawns for your home or, that of your customer’s, consider the following:

  • What artificial lawn style will compliment the natural lawns in the area?
  • What will the artificial lawn area be used for and how often?
  • What local CC&Rs and Design Guidelines are applicable to your artificial lawns?

As the manufacturing process for artificial grass lawns improves, we are seeing a growing trend of synthetic lawns being used in landscaping applications. Artificial grass lawns now represent 20% percent of synthetic lawn installations – with artificial grass sports fields making up the balance. Artificial grass lawns actually represent 35% of the growth! Please check out the product line that Eco Waterless Grass uses for lawn/landscaping applications.

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