Eco Waterless Grass now providing Drainage Mats!

American Wick Drain has been a leader in prefabricated drainage systems for many years and has developed a full coverage drainage system that provides exceptional drainage on high-performance artificial turfs. When synthetic turfs are used, drainage is a very important aspect of the entire system. To help drain the turf, traditionally stone was used to provide an adequate drainage layer. Unfortunately, to get adequate drainage, 4 to 6 inches of stone had to be incorporated into the design. To do this, extra excavation and grading were required resulting in higher costs. Drainage Mats can be used under synthetic turf or natural turf and won’t leave an uneven surface! Here at Eco Waterless Grass, we only want to provide our customers with the best of the best and are proud to feature American Wick’s EXCELDRAIN Mat as part of our product line.
This newly featured drainage Mat offer significant advantages over stone base applications:
Superior flow – EXCELDRAIN’s half inch design can collect and transport 16 gallons per minute per foot of width which is superior to 4 inches of stone which can only handle 3-5 gallons of water per minute per foot of width. This also provides a superior rainfall evacuation rate which reduces the wait time before using the field after a rain event.
Enhanced G-Max Performance –Eco Waterless Grass loves that the EXCELDRAIN mat also provides a high compressive strength structure that allows the water to flow under the turf yet it enhances the G-Max performance without changing the ball action or causing injury to the players during play.
Easy to install - EXCELDRAIN Turf Drain comes in rolls of 4 foot widths and up to 120 foot long for easy handling and installation.

It can be installed two ways for natural turf fields.
Vertical Installation: Similar to a French drain system, the EXCELDRAIN EX-T Strip Drain is installed to maximize the surface area contact with the soils below to help collect water through areas that are draining improperly.
Horizontal Installation: For athletic fields, some designs design for our product to be used horizontally to minimize sub base disruption.

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April Customer of the Month- Lakeview Patio

Lakeview Patio is Eco Waterless Grass’ April Customer of the Month!

Every month Eco Waterless Grass likes to officially recognize and show our appreciation for our loyal customers. April’s Customer of the Month is Lakeview Patio. Lakeview Patio is family owned and operated, they are best known for their great pricing and timely installations. Although their patio covers are what make them truly stand out in the market, Lakeview Patio also successfully installs Eco Waterless Grass’s Artificial Grass and Putting Greens. Frank Quatrino, the owner of Lakeview Patio, is committed to providing his customer with an eco-friendly product that will last. His patios come with a lifetime warranty! “It is a proven fact that a quality outdoor patio will be one of the key features that enhance the value and marketability of your home. Our Patios and Patio Covers are low maintenance, high quality, save on power consumption, add to the beauty of your home, and add to the value of your home” said Frank. Both Lakeview’s patio covers and artificial grass installations add tremendous marketable value to your home. Thank you Lakeview for being such a great customer, we truly do appreciate your business!

For more information on this amazing contractor click here:
To view pictures of Lakeview’s grass installations go here:

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Consumer Product Safety is Important!

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
Excerpt Regarding Lead and Artificial Grass

The amount of lead that can be in artificial grass is governed by Section 101 – Children’s Products Containing Lead; Lead Pain Rule – of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

The limits specified by Section 101 are phased in over three (3) years. Products that contain more than 600 PPM (parts per million) of lead after February 10, 2009 are banned from sale in the United States and sales of such products will result in significant civil and criminal liability. That limit drops to 300 PPM in August of 2009 and 100 PPM in August of 2010.

However, additional (more restrictive rules) apply to paint and similar surface-coating materials for consumer use (which would be applicable to artificial grass). As of August 14th, 2009 the limit becomes 90 PPM.
All Eco Waterless Grass artificial grasses and artificial putting greens meet these requirements!

To learn more visit:

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March Customer of the Month- Panjia, Inc.

As we take a look at work ethic, it is important to recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to run a business. This month we recognize Panjia Interlocking Pavers, Inc. as our featured March Customer of the Month —not only because we appreciate their business —but also because we admire Steve Young for all that he does to make his business successful. Today please welcome Steve, owner of Panjia Interlocking Pavers, Inc. Eco Waterless Grass appreciates you! Panjia is a fabulous landscaping contractor that specializes in Landscape Design, Installation of Pavers, Artificial Grass and Putting Greens. Through this crazy economic time, Panjia has always stayed loyal and true by purchasing their turf through Eco Waterless Grass. His continued business has helped our company grow and prosper. We love Steve’s determination to make his customer happy and his professionalism on the field. His hard work shows in all of the projects he is involved in.
Here is Panjia’s website for more information on this amazing contractor:

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Featured in, Water For Tomorrow, a National Geographic affiliated magazine.

Eco Waterless Grass Artificial Grass was just recently feautured in a National Geographic magazine, Water For Tomorrow. This magazine issue focuses on the importance of clean, safe water and how we can conserve it.

“Businesses, homeowners, and public agencies are saving water and enjoying lush, maintenence-free landscapes by getting real about the benefits of artificial turf. ‘While many aspects of the construction industry have struggle the last few years, the business of artificial turf is blossoming,’ said Tony Vena, owner of turf distributor Eco Waterless Grass. The industry has expanded 20 percent per year over the past decade…” article by Terri Steele, ACWA.

To see the full article, look in this month’s issue of Water for Tomorrow! You can always check out the online PDF version at this website.

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